9 February 2016 Deep Sea Fishing Hawaii Report

Kona Fishing Report February 9th – The fishing picked up a bit today. We caught a 39 Mahi Mahi, tagged a striped marlin and missed another stripey. So far today, there have also been some nice Blue Marlin caught by other boats in the area. One over 650, one over 500, and a couple of fish over 400. There are still some good numbers of shortbilled spearfish hanging around as well. All in all, a good mixed bag of fish to keep things interesting. Read more

January 2016 Fishing Report Online

The Fishing in Kona has been a real mixed bag lately.  A few weeks ago we had a really good run of Shortbilled Spearfish show up and had several days where we had multiple shots on charters.  Last week, the Spearfish action slowed down a bit but the Striped Marlin showed up in good numbers and we were having good action on stripeys, with one triple header that we lost at the boat on a half day charter.  Earlier this month, there were some really good Blue Marlin being caught in the 500-700 pound class.  Several boats connected on good fish, and while lately that seems to have slowed a bit, there are still a few blues being caught here and there.  Add to all of this the occasional Mahi Mahi and Tuna and the fishing in general has certainly been better than average.

The weather has really cooperated with us this winter.  We have not had any major winter storms and the water has remained relatively calm and still is above average in temperature for this time of year with the remnants of the Super El Nino hanging on.  All in all, this has been one of the best years on record for Fishing in Kona.  2015 produced a lot of big fish in Kona, a good number of Granders and overall consistent blue marlin fishing throughout the Fall and Winter months so far. Read more

October 2015 Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii Report

Kona Fishing Report – October 21, 2015 – The Big Island of Hawaii – The Super El Nino of 2015 still seems to be lingering, keeping water temperatures unseasonably warm, and the warm waters continue to hold good numbers of Blue Marlin just off of the Kona Coast.  While most of the tourists have headed […]

September 2015 Hunting Fishing Report

Big Island Fishing Report Kona Hawaii – September 3, 2015 – The fishing has been hit or miss lately due to a series of tropical storms passing on either side of the Big Island of Hawaii over the past few weeks. The storms have disrupted our normal pattern of trade winds and currents, making the fishing spotty and unpredictable. Despite the less than ideal conditions, when the fishing turns on, it turns red hot. Late in August, Kona gave up two more giants. A monster 1,305 pound Blue Marlin (picture below) was caught on a charter by another boat fishing in the area, and a few days earlier, another boat caught a 1,075.8 pound Blue Marlin. I’ve lost track of whether that makes five or six Granders this year in Kona, but regardless, it is evidence why no matter what time of year and no matter what the conditions, Kona Hawaii ranks #1 as the best location in the world to catch giant Blue Marlin.

The last week of August, we went 2/4 on Blue Marlin and in addition to the great marling fishing this time of year; we are seeing good numbers of Tuna showing up along with the occasional Ono, Striped Marlin and Shortbilled Spearfish. Once the currents calm down and the trade winds get back to their normal pattern, expect the fishing to heat up again and get a bit more consistent. Read more

August 2015 Fishing Trips in Hawaii Report

The fishing the first week of August started off a little slower than the red hot pace we had been experiencing since April here in Kona.  Having said that, overall it has been a really great year here in Kona with very good numbers of fish being caught, lots of trips with multiple catches and four Granders weighed in Kona this year.

Some Highlights from Recent Kona Fishing Charters on the Humdinger

On Sunday August 9th we went 2 for 2 on Blue Marlin.  The first fish we tagged and released was about 150 pounds.  The second we fought and brought to the boat to tag, but could not revive it.  Back at the dock, the fished weighed in at an impressive 777 pounds.  On August 8th we went 2 for 3 on Blue Marlin (tagging both fish) and also caught a small spearfish we pulled the hooks on right at the boat.  Another boat fishing in the same area caught and tagged a Blue Marlin they estimated at 750 pounds.  Thursday August 6th we went 3 for 6 on Blue Marlin and missed a nice Yellowfin Tuna.  The biggest Blue Marlin we heard reported was a fish in the 400 pound class that was tagged and released.  Wednesday August 5th, we got skunked (it happens) and did not have a bite all day.  Tuesday August 4th we went 1 for 2 on Blue Marlin and missed a Spearfish bite.  Monday August 3rd we caught a Nice Mahi Mahi (Dorado) and missed a spearfish bite as well.  All in all the action has been consistent at worst with most all of our recent charters getting a bite from at least one blue marlin with our best day recently generating 6 bites in one day for Blue Marlin. Read more

July 2015 Online Fishing Report

This past week, the fishing in Kona has been a bit spottier than the past few weeks due to changing currents and trade winds.  There are still very good numbers of Blue Marlin holding in the area along with equally good numbers of YellowFin Tuna (Ahi) typically found this time of year.  We have been mainly catching Blue marlin and Yellowfin Tuna the past few weeks, with the occasional Shortbilled Spearfish, Striped Marlin, Wahoo (Ono) and Mahi Mahi (Dorado).  Friday July 31st was a Full Moon, and July was Blue Moon, with two full moons occurring during the month of July.

Friday we went 0/1 on Blue Marlin, but there were several nice fish caught on other boats including two blue marlin over 500 pounds and one over 300 pounds.  On Thursday, July 30th we tagged a nice fish in the 300 pound class and missed another bite.  On Wednesday, another boat fishing in the same are with us went 2/4 on blue marlin and 2/2 on striped marlin.  Another small baot fishing for tuna had a double header on the line when an 800 pound Blue Marlin came up and ate one of the smaller tuna he was fighting.  He fought the big marlin for about 15 minutes before it broke off. Read more

July 2015 Fishing Saltwater Report

The Big Island of Hawaii – The fishing in Kona has remained very good over the past.  This being an El Nino year, the water temperatures have remained warm, holding good numbers of Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Shortbilled Spearfish just off the cost of the Big Island.  Expect these El Nino conditions to extend our normal fishing season well into the months of November and December this year due to the warmer overall water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.

This past week we saw a good number of Blue Marlin being caught.  While the fish remained on the smaller side, good numbers of smaller Blue Marlin were tagged and released in the 125 pound range.  The consistent action has been great for our guests on ½ day and ¾ charters, giving them multiple shots at hooking up to a blue marlin on shorter fishing charters.  Below are some of the recent catches on our fishing charters over the past week: Read more

July 2015 Fishing Saltwater Catch Report

Kona Fishing Saltwater Catch Report – July 6th, 2015 – The Big Island of Hawaii — We are at the peak of the prime time summer fishing season here in Kona Hawaii. Last month was way above average for Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna with good numbers fish taken during June and a fairly decent number of big fish also weighed or tagged. Statewide, Hawaii has produced three Granders (a blue marlin over 1,000 pounds) this year with two of those coming from the waters just off the coast of the Big Island near Kona. Several days last month, boats were reporting multiple catches of Tuna and Blue Marlin and the Humdigner was no exception. We logged a number of trips last month, catching multiple Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna on Fishing Charters in Kona. Several guests shared their reviews with photos on our TripAdvisor.com listing which you can view HERE.

This past Friday, 7/3/15, we tagged one blue marlin about 150 pounds and then hooked and lost another fish that looked to be about 600 pounds. We also hooked and lost an Ono (Wahoo) and a nice Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) as well. Saturday, we fished the Word Cup Blue Marlin Tournament and the First Day for the Firecracker Open Tournament. Early in the day we raised a really nice Blue Marlin in the 600 pound class on the teaser right behind the boat, but never could get him to switch off to the lure we reeled up right under his nose. On Sunday, day two of the Firecracker tournament, we raised and missed another blue marlin but couldn’t get a good hookup. We did watch several other boats in the area catch and tag a number of fish on Sunday though, so the fish are definitely still hanging around. Read more

June 2015 Fishing Blue Marlin Report

June 27, 2015 The Fishing in Kona remained really good this past week, and as we head into next week with the Full Moon on Thursday and a good tide schedule all week, expect the consistent action we have seen the past month to remain the same or even get better.  It’s prime time in Kona Hawaii and the high season for Blue Marlin and Tuna will continue through the month of September.  The past week produced multiple hookups for a lot of boats.  Yesterday (Friday June 26th) we tagged and released two blue marlin on a 3/4 day charter.  One fish went about 100 pounds and the second went about 200 pounds.  The boats that have been on full day charters lately have been able to run farther and have also seen the best catches.  On Thursday, another boat fishing in the same area got 9 bites and caught 3 blue marlin and another boat got 8 bites and caught 3 blue marlin.  There are a lot of small blue marlin holding in the area, but still good numbers of big females mixed in.  Last week we tagged one over 500 pounds.  In addition to the great blue marlin fishing in Kona, there are still a good number of tunas hanging around.  Most of the fish are in the 100-200 pound range and last week we had a double header on two really nice Ahi (Yellowfin tuna). Read more

June 2015 Fishing Saltwater Report for you

The fishing has been absolutely red hot the past few weeks and it shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Today (6/17/15) we went 3 for 4 on blue marlin with the largest fish going about 400 lbs. Several boats this week have reported multiple hookups on marlin and tuna with one boat going 4 for 7 on blue marlin. Yesterday, another boat fishing the same general area caught 4 blue marlin, 2 spearfish, a Mahi Mahi and an Ono…and folks…that’s about as good as it gets anywhere. Earlier in the week, we caught a double header on Tunas with two nice Ahi going about 100 lbs and 120 lbs respectively. Our charter client took one fish home with them and we shared the other fish with friends and family. We are on the building side of the moon for the rest of the month of June with the Full Moon arriving on July 2nd, so expect the fishing to stay good or even get better over the next few weeks. The weather has been great, with warm afternoon temperatures, a light breeze and calm water. Read more