Probably one of the best things about fishing in Kona is the fact you can catch any number of species on any given day within a few minutes of leaving the slip. Because of this, even on a 4-hour afternoon fishing charter, it is possible to catch a giant blue marlin or just something delicious to throw on the grill for dinner.

Such was the case this afternoon when Douglas Paley joined us for a half-day fishing charter here in Kona and caught this nice Ono about a half mile from the slip. The Ono are typically found in shallower water closer to shore here in Kona and are one of the most sought-after fish for table fare. Their delicious, firm, white flesh holds up well to the grill and its mild flavor makes it one of the most popular fish on restaurant menus throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

While we prefer to tag and release the billfish here in Kona, we are happy for you to keep your catch of edible pelagic fish while on your charter. Our crew will help filet your catch and provide recommendations to transport any surplus back to the mainland.

If you are making plans to visit Hawaii this year and would like to enjoy a fishing charter in Kona, please be sure to check our current availability on our website booking calendars and make sure to book your fishing charters as soon as your plans are confirmed. Demand is very high right now and we typically book out 45-60 days for our most popular fishing charters. And if your preferred time is already booked, don’t be hesitant about booking an afternoon trip. The best fishing in Kona happens on the tide changes and as you will see from our recent fishing reports, you can catch ‘em on an afternoon tide change too.

Hope to see you in Kona soon.