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Kona – Hawaii Fishing Report


The fishing in Kona remains relatively good, with some days better than others depending on the tides and current. This past week we went 3 for 4 on Blue Marlin, 4 for 5 on Striped Marlin, 1 for 4 on Shortbilled spearfish, 1 for 2 on Ono (Wahoo)and we caught one Nice Mahi Mahi (Dorado). The Blue Marlin we tagged and released were estimated at 125 lbs., 150 lbs., and 275 lbs. The past few weeks there have been some really nice marlin caught here in Kona, with two over 700 pounds tipping the scales just last week. This week, a Blue Marlin over 650 pounds was weighed by another boat and a third boat raised a fish they swear was over 1,000 lbs, but pulled the hooks before they could get it close. There are also some decent numbers of yellowfin tuna hanging around. We watched one boat land two in the 80 pound class on a recent fishing charter. The spring and early summer are great times to book a Kona fishing charter. There is a good variety of fish to catch to catch and a lot of then are great table fare. We have a web special on 1/2 day and 3/4 day fishing charters out of Kona right now, so give us a call at (808) 936-3034 and book your fishing charter on the Humdinger.

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Kona Fishing Report

The typical Spring run of Striped Marlin and Ono (Wahoo) is in Full swing.  The past week we saw good numbers of Striped Marlin being caught in the 60-120 lb class.  Typically we see fish more in the 40-50 lb range, but the last week produced a good number of larger fish.  Since these fish typically run in pairs or even small schools, we had a couple of Multiple hookups which always makes things more interesting for the crew and the anglers alike.

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Marlin Fishing


The fishing in Kona remained very good this week with the typical late Winter species, striped marlin, short billed spearfish and dorado (dolphin fish) continuing to show up in good numbers. Earlier in the week we went 3 for 4 on Shortbilled Spearfish. We saw another really nice one tailing, but never could get it to take a lure. Most of the Spearfish showing up now are on the larger size in the 30-45 pound range. While smaller than all of the other billfish species, the Shortbilled Spearfish is also the rarest of all billfish species and they show up in really good numbers in late winter and spring in the Kona. Also this week we saw a good number of Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish on fishing charters out of Kona. The Humdinger went 2 for 4 on Mahi Mahi’s this week with the fish weighing in at 10-30 pounds. Finally, on the last day of fishing charters this week, we raised a really big blue marlin while trolling lures. It came up and nosed the lured several times, turned away and started stripping off line. Before we could clear the lines and get the angler in the chair, the fish turned, ran straight for us, came up thrashing again and threw the hooks.

The weather has remained very nice and the waters off of the coast were calm all week. The week started and ended with some great bites and the fishing the last few days has remained very good. Overall, the Kona Fishing Fleet has been reporting catches of Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Shortbilled Spearfish, Yellowfin Tuna, good numbers of Mahi Mahi and Ono (Wahoo) and even a few Sailfish were reported last week, which is a bit of a rarity here in Kona. Be sure and ask about our Winter Fishing Charter Specials for ½ day and ¾ day fishing charters from Kona. Call us at (808) 936-3034 or email us through our website.

Mahi Mahi Fishing


The fishing in Kona for Mahi Mahi and Spearfish continues to be very good right now and this past week we caught several nice short billed spearfish for clients and good numbers of large Mahi Mahi as well. Also typical for this time of year in Kona are good numbers of striped marklin and a few Ono or Wahoo are also showing up in advance of their late Spring migration through the Kona area.  Check out the photos and video below from a few fishing charters this past week. Continue reading “Mahi Mahi Fishing” »

Fishing Report Kona Hawaii 2015


Earlier in the week the mahi mahis were biting. We went 4 for 4 one day and the next we went 1 for 3. They are great eating fish and have very beautiful colors. One was caught by the charters son and his expression says it all. Later this week the mahis slowed down. Right now there are some striped Marlin, shortnose spearfish and a few blue marlin. Also a couple nice tunas getting caught. Weather has been nice the last few days with calm water and winds light. There was also a grander caught by a 16 yr old boy. It weighed 1058lb. We also see humpback whales every day we have been going out lately.

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Fishing Report


The fishing in Kona this last week has picked up quite a bit.  Earlier in the week, we went 4 for 4 one day and 1 for 3 the next day, catching our charter’s younger son a few nice fish.  His expression in the photos below pretty much says it all.  In addition to a good bite happening on Mahi Mahi’s, the Shortnose Spearfish are still around in very good numbers, as well as reliable numbers of Striped Marlin.  As is typical for January and early February, there always seems to be a few really big Blue marlin caught, and this past week was no exception.  Jim Rizzuto’s 16 year old grandson, fishing on another charter boat, connected with his first Grander and after a brutal 30 minute battle, the fish succommed to the fight and could not be revived.  Continue reading “Fishing Report” »

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report


The fishing right now is pretty good. Lately we have been seeing and people are catching  Mahi Mahi, Spearfish, Striped Marlin and a few Blue Marlin as well. The Shortnose Spearfish is the rarest of all Billfish Species and are sought after by anglers targeting them on light tackle setups.

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Most of the Spearfish being caught lately are about 20 to 45 lbs. Kona Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to fish for this species and we have many clients that wait all year for them to show up so they can fly out to catch one to complete their billfish grand slam.
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Fishing Report June 2013


Kona Fishing Report June 2013

Kona fishing really turned on during June, with consistent action for marlin and a large number of yellowfin tuna being landed as well.  Anglers on the Humdinger enjoyed consistent fishing during June, with numerous blue marlin and striped marlin being caught as well as a few large tuna and mahi mahi thrown in for good measure.

The trade winds have settled into their normal summertime pattern here in Kona, and the excellent fishing we all enjoyed this past winter and spring just keeps getting better.  Anglers fishing during the first half of the month in Kona enjoyed some red hot fishing for Tuna, with as many as 20 tuna being weighed in one day with the largest tipping the scales at over 245 pounds.  The marlin fishing in Kona has remained really good during June and will only get better in the coming months as we move into the peak summer fishing season during the months of July, August and September.

The crew of the Humdinger put a number of customers on notable catches this past month.  The father daughter team John and Meaghan Bryan caught back-to-back blue marlin for Double-Header trip this month.  Captain Jeff Fay also put customers on striped marlin, yellowfin tuna and even doubled up on a few nice mahi mahi on a single trip.

Check out some of the highlights from this months Kona fishing charters below.

Kona Fishing Report Video Highlights for June 2013

Kona – Fishing Report May 2013


Kona Fishing Report – May 2013

Fishing in Kona during the month of May got a whole lot better for some of the other popular species Kona is known for.  With the return of the trade winds and the arrival of the full moon in May, the Ono (Wahoo) fishing turned predictably good.  Roughly 50 ono have been weighed in at the fuel dock and we still have a few days left to go in the month.  More impressive than the Ono count is that during a 12 day period this month, 44 Ahi tuna were weighed in with the largest tipping the scales at 171 pounds.  In addition to the Ahi and Ono showing up, by mid month, 15 mahi mahi had been weighed as well

The fishing for Blue Marlin this year so far has been certainly better than average.  As noted in one of our earlier Kona Fishing Reports, two world records have already been set in Kona this year and more than the average number of big marlin over 500 pounds have weighed in or tagged by the Kona Fishing fleet.  The Humdinger has tagged and release several fish this spring over 500 pounds and we have also had a couple of charters in the past few months where anglers caught multiple marlin in a single day.

If the month of May is any indication of how the fishing in Kona will be the rest of the summer, we are certainly in for a year of big fish and big numbers.  While the total number of blue marlin caught thus far in Kona this year is about average, the size of the fish showing up appear to be on the larger size.

The Kona Tournament season kicks off in just a few weeks, and anglers from around the world will converge on Kona fro the next four months to try their luck at fishing in Kona for giant blue marlin and tuna.  June through September is the peak season for fishing in Kona, so if you are considering booking a trip this summer or possibly fishing in a tournament here in Kona, be sure to call early as our calendar fills up very quickly.

Kona Fishing Report April 2013


Kona Fishing Report for April 2013

Kona, Hawaii – The fishing in Kona this Spring has continued to remain consistent and anglers have been with big fish.  The year started off with a couple of world records, a Grander and a number of blue marlin over 800 pounds.  Anglers fishing on the Humdinger have enjoyed good fishing this spring and have tagged and released several fish over 500 pounds.  We have even enjoyed a few half-day and 3/4 day charters with anglers catching and releasing multiple marlin in a single trip.

The late Winter and Spring weather patterns of fronts moving across the Hawaiian islands is starting to slow down and we are moving into a period of more “variable” winds.  This, along with the full moons of April and May signal the arrival of the Ono, which are now starting to show up in good numbers with 40-50 fish a week being reported by the charter desk.  This transition period between Winter and Summer can provide a mixed bag of opportunity for anglers fishing in Kona.  There are still some striped Marlin showing up, and very good numbers of shortbilled spearfish and Ono (Wahoo) hanging around.  The marlin fishing overall remains better than average and the Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) are popping up here and there as well.  The next 30 days will only get better for the Ono and Spearfish as we transition into Prime Time Fishing for Blue Marlin during the months of June through September.