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Hawaii Fishing | Kona Fishing Charters Hawaii


Hawaii Fishing | Kona Fishing Charters

$599 – 3/4-Day (6 Hour) Discount Summer Kona Fishing Charter

This Discount Kona Fishing Charter is available during the Summer months from April through June for a 3/4-Day fishing charter in Kona for up to six people with the option to extend to a Full Day fishing charter at a special rate.  Call or click for all the details!


Humdinger Sportfishing Kona Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the top destinations in the world for anglers seeking to catch giant blue marlin. The town of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is ground zero for big game sportfishing anglers from all over the world who come to Hawaii to go fishing each year in search of the elusive “Grander”  (marlin over 1,000 pounds).  The fact is that the waters just off the Kona coast provide some of the best sportfishing in Hawaii for blue marlin any day of the year.  Kona Hawaii is also a preferred sportfishing destination for novice anglers, and the fleet of Kona Charter Boats is well equipped and the fishing is very close to shore in the calm, protected waters just off the Big Island of Hawaii.  Anglers fishing in Kona can catch a number of species including blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin, shortbilled spearfish, ono and Mahimahi.

Hawaii Fishing


About Marlin Fishing in Hawaii and Kona Fishing Charters

Marlin fishing in Hawaii is a team sport that consists of the angler who fights the fish, the captain who maneuvers the boat during the fight, and the wireman who fights the fish on the leader while he positions the fish for a tag or gaff shot by the deckhand who will tag and release the marlin or gaff the fish.  Hiring the most experienced sportfishing captain and crew for your Big Island sportfishing charter will ensure the best possible success.  Captain Jeff Fay and the crew of the Humdinger have OVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE operating fishing charters in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii and have set over a dozen IGFA world records for our anglers who come to Hawaii each year to fish.  Before you try your hand at deep sea fishing Kona, be sure to verify the experience and credentials of the captain and the crew to ensure the best possible outcome for your sportsfishing charter.  Click here to read the complete story in Marlin Magazine of the life and career of our captain Jeff Fay.


Sportfishing Kona Hawaii

Kona Fishing Charter – Fishing Charters in Hawaii

The calm, deep blue waters off of the Kona coast on the Big Island of Hawaii make this location a unique sport fishing destination to catch Billfish species like Blue Marlin(Au), Striped Marlin and the occasional Pacific Sailfish and Black Marlin.  The calm, deep, blue waters off of Kona Hawaii on the Big Island provide excellent sportfishing for other pelagic species such as Wahoo (ono), Yelowfin Tuna (Ahi) Dolphin Fish (MahiMahi) and Skipjack Tuna (Aku).  The calm waters just off the coast of Kona Hawaii quickly drop off to over 1,000 fathoms within a few miles of shore.  The deep underwater currents push up against the shoreline shelf and concentrate large schools of bait fish within easy reach of the Kona Sportfishing Charter Boat fleet.  This means the action is close to shore so anglers on Hawaii fishing charters spend more time sport fishing and less time running out and back to the fishing grounds.  The preferred methods of fishing in Hawaii are slow trolling live skipjack tuna or trolling large artificial lures, such as the “Straight Runner” designed by the legendary Henry Chee.  These Hawaiian fishing lures are designed to replicate small tunas or baitfish.

Kona Fishing

Deepsea Fishing Hawaii & Deep Sea Fishing Guides in Kona

Deep sea fishing in Kona Hawaii is enhanced by a network of buoys, also known as Fish Aggregation Devices or FAD’s that concentrate and hold schools of bait fish around these buoys.  The network of fish buoys just off the island of the Big Island of Hawaii near Kona are within easy reach of the Kona charter boat fleet and provide good fishing for blue marlin and other pelagic fish that migrate through the area to feed on the bait fish that school around these buoys.  Slow trolling a live skipjack (Aku) tuna or trolling lures in the areas around these fish aggregating devices can be very productive for anglers targeting Blue Marlin, Mahimahi and Yellowfin Tuna on Hawai fishing tours.  Kona Hawaii has some of the best deep sea fishing guides in the world.

Hawaii fishing charters for Yellowfin tuna

Hawaii Fishing Tours and Activities – Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Charters  in Kona Hawaii

Each year, large schools of Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) migrate just off the shores of Kona Hawaii making Kona one of the top destinations for sportfishing anglers coming to the Big Island of Hawaii to target this strong fighting fish.  Pound for pound, Yellowfin Tuna put up the best fight of just about any fish in the ocean and are one of the most sought after sport fish in the ocean.  These brutes are known to make explosive strikes on lures, and mix up the fight with a series of reel burning runs and deep dives.  These hard fighting fish are one of the biggest prizes of anglers that come to Hawaii each year to fish.  Tuna fishing in Kona Hawaii is good year round, but peaks during the summer months.

Hawaii fishing charters for yellowfin tuna

Hawaii Fishing Charters in Kona for Striped Marlin, Fishing in Kona for Mahi and Ono

The winter and spring months produce some of the best fishing for Striped Marlin, Mahimahi (Dolphin fish or Dorado) and Ono (Wahoo).  While these species can be caught year round, Striped marlin show up in good numbers during the fall and winter months and the full moon of the month of May is known as the peak time for Ono sportfishing in Hawaii.  Mahimahi and Ono are great tasting fish and are featured on most every local restaurant menu in Hawaii.

Mahimahi fishing charters Hawaii

Fishing Charters in Kona – Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charter

While we have all the standard tournament grade fishing tackle in 130 pound class and 80 pound class, the crew of the Humdinger specializes in light tackle fishing charters and tag and release fishing charters for billfish in Kona.  We have assisted anglers in securing numerous IGFA world records while fishing for blue marlin, striped marlin and shortbilled spearfish on tackle as light as 4 pound and 6 pound test.  If you want to test your skill on light tackle, just let us know.

Deep Sea Fishing Tournaments in Kona Hawaii

Each year, Kona Hawaii hosts a number of blue marlin fishing tournaments.  Why not try your luck at fishing one of these fun and exciting events.  Who knows, you could walk away the big winner and take home thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.  Be sure to check out the complete list of fishing tournaments in Kona Hawaii on our Tournaments page.

Hawaii Tours and Big Island Activities Page

In addition to the great fishing in Kona, be sure to check out all the other Hawaii Tours and Hawaii Activities resource page.  This comprehensive listing of activities and tours on the Big Island will make your tours and activities planning much easier.  Here you will find a free listing of big island activities and big island tours.

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