Bill Nattrass joined us on an afternoon Kona Fishing Charter and caught this 140-pound Blue Marlin. After getting the fish the up to the boat, the crew was unable to revive the fish, so they brought it on board. Bill had hoped to catch some fish for a party this coming weekend, so the resource won’t go to waste, with half set aside for Poki and the other half for the smoker, the fish will feed quite a large group.

The bite here in Kona can happen at just about any time, and we often get asked which is the best time of day to fish in Kona. The best fishing usually happens on tidal changes as the moving currents encourage the fish to feed. While the morning charters are generally our most popular fishing charters, we routinely catch fish throughout the day. If you are planning on traveling to the Big Island this year to try your luck at catching a blue marlin, be sure to check our current availability on our website and book your fishing charters early as demand is very high right now.

We hope to see you in Kona very soon.