July 2015 Fishing Saltwater Catch Report

Kona Fishing Saltwater Catch Report – July 6th, 2015 – The Big Island of Hawaii — We are at the peak of the prime time summer fishing season here in Kona Hawaii. Last month was way above average for Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna with good numbers fish taken during June and a fairly decent number of big fish also weighed or tagged. Statewide, Hawaii has produced three Granders (a blue marlin over 1,000 pounds) this year with two of those coming from the waters just off the coast of the Big Island near Kona. Several days last month, boats were reporting multiple catches of Tuna and Blue Marlin and the Humdigner was no exception. We logged a number of trips last month, catching multiple Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna on Fishing Charters in Kona. Several guests shared their reviews with photos on our TripAdvisor.com listing which you can view HERE.

This past Friday, 7/3/15, we tagged one blue marlin about 150 pounds and then hooked and lost another fish that looked to be about 600 pounds. We also hooked and lost an Ono (Wahoo) and a nice Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) as well. Saturday, we fished the Word Cup Blue Marlin Tournament and the First Day for the Firecracker Open Tournament. Early in the day we raised a really nice Blue Marlin in the 600 pound class on the teaser right behind the boat, but never could get him to switch off to the lure we reeled up right under his nose. On Sunday, day two of the Firecracker tournament, we raised and missed another blue marlin but couldn’t get a good hookup. We did watch several other boats in the area catch and tag a number of fish on Sunday though, so the fish are definitely still hanging around. Read more

June 2015 Fishing Blue Marlin Report

June 27, 2015 The Fishing in Kona remained really good this past week, and as we head into next week with the Full Moon on Thursday and a good tide schedule all week, expect the consistent action we have seen the past month to remain the same or even get better.  It’s prime time in Kona Hawaii and the high season for Blue Marlin and Tuna will continue through the month of September.  The past week produced multiple hookups for a lot of boats.  Yesterday (Friday June 26th) we tagged and released two blue marlin on a 3/4 day charter.  One fish went about 100 pounds and the second went about 200 pounds.  The boats that have been on full day charters lately have been able to run farther and have also seen the best catches.  On Thursday, another boat fishing in the same area got 9 bites and caught 3 blue marlin and another boat got 8 bites and caught 3 blue marlin.  There are a lot of small blue marlin holding in the area, but still good numbers of big females mixed in.  Last week we tagged one over 500 pounds.  In addition to the great blue marlin fishing in Kona, there are still a good number of tunas hanging around.  Most of the fish are in the 100-200 pound range and last week we had a double header on two really nice Ahi (Yellowfin tuna). Read more

June 2015 Fishing Saltwater Report for you

The fishing has been absolutely red hot the past few weeks and it shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Today (6/17/15) we went 3 for 4 on blue marlin with the largest fish going about 400 lbs. Several boats this week have reported multiple hookups on marlin and tuna with one boat going 4 for 7 on blue marlin. Yesterday, another boat fishing the same general area caught 4 blue marlin, 2 spearfish, a Mahi Mahi and an Ono…and folks…that’s about as good as it gets anywhere. Earlier in the week, we caught a double header on Tunas with two nice Ahi going about 100 lbs and 120 lbs respectively. Our charter client took one fish home with them and we shared the other fish with friends and family. We are on the building side of the moon for the rest of the month of June with the Full Moon arriving on July 2nd, so expect the fishing to stay good or even get better over the next few weeks. The weather has been great, with warm afternoon temperatures, a light breeze and calm water. Read more

June 2015 Fishing Mahi Mahi and Wahoo Report

It’s has been a pretty incredible year so far here in Kona, at the very least, well above average for both the numbers of marlin caught and the overall size of the fish. As we mentioned in our previous Fishing Report, there have been three Granders (Marlin over 1,000 pounds) caught this year in Hawaii, two of which were caught in Kona. Since January, we have seen a few other big fish fall just short of the Grander mark and a good number of fish over 500 pounds tagged and released. In the first week of June 2015, Kona charter boats produced over 50 blue marlin, with the three largest fish weighing in at 739 lbs, 685 lbs. and 673 lbs. Many boats are reporting multiple catches of blue marlin per day and we are continuing see a good mixed bag of species including Yellowfin Tuna, Striped Marlin, Shortbilled Spearfish, Mahi Mahi (Dorado) and Ono (Wahoo).

On Tuesday June 9th, there was a good school of tuna hanging around and just about every boat out caught at least one Yellowfin Tuna in the 100-200 pound range and several boats reported multiple hookups. In addition to the great tuna fishing in Kona right now, we are seeing a lot of juvenile blue marlin and Shortbilled spearfish which has provided consistent action and multiple hookups just about each day on our charters. On a half day fishing charter this past Wednesday we went 1 for 2 tagging a small blue marlin and losing another fish about 300 pounds after a short fight and good series of jumps. Additionally, we saw six blue marlin caught by other charter boats fishing in the same vicinity near us that day with one of the boats going 4 for 7 on Blue Marlin. Other boats in the area weighed a fish over 500 pounds and released another over 600 pounds. Read more

Hawaii Gives Up the Third Grander of 2015

Kona Goes 2 for 3 For Biggest Marlin in Hawaii this Year

The year isn’t even half over yet and Hawaii has produced three blue marlin over 1,000 pounds. Just in the past week, Granders came back-to-back with a 1,226 lb blue marlin caught in Kona and the third largest grander of the year caught a day later in Maui that tipped the scales at 1,058. The second largest grander of the year, a near carbon copy of the 1,058 lb Maui giant was caught in Kona earlier this Spring weighing just a half pound more. Proof yet again that there is no better place on the face of the earth to catch a giant blue marlin any day of the year!

Earlier this week, the fishing got off to a bit of a slow start, but as the trade winds settled in and the warmer water moved in close, things began to really pick up. On charters this week, we had a good mixed bag of fish caught including a yellowfin tuna we fought all the way to the boat before pulling the hooks, a small blue marlin, a striped marlin, two mahi mahi, a spearfish and one mystery bite we pulled the hooks on early in the fight. What the small marlin (under 100 pounds) lacked in size, he made up for in pure show, jumping repeatedly at the boat and making some great video in the process. Congratulations go out to Robert Peterson who caught his first marlin with us this week. We also landed a few nice Mahi Mahi (Dorado), one about 35 pounds and second one about 8 pounds. Read more

April 2015 Fishing Hawaii Kona Report

The month of April shaped up to be a very good month for fishing in Kona with a very good number of good sized fish being caught during April. All in all, the total tally came in at just above 100 Marlin for the month. The first half of the month started off red hot with a few really nice marlin being tagged or weighed with two black marlin among them.

  • 3/29 500, 300,320
  • 3/30 350
  • 3/31 574, 500 black marlin
  • 4/1 650, 590, 450 400 black marlin
  • 4/2 450
  • 4/3 342
  • 4/6 500
  • 4/8 300

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Kona Fishing Report

15 April 2015 Fishing Kona Report

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – April 15, 2015 – The fishing in Kona remains relatively good, with some days better than others depending on the tides and current. This past week we went 3 for 4 on Blue Marlin, 4 for 5 on Striped Marlin, 1 for 4 on Shortbilled spearfish, 1 for 2 on Ono (Wahoo)and we caught one Nice Mahi Mahi (Dorado). The Blue Marlin we tagged and released were estimated at 125 lbs., 150 lbs., and 275 lbs. The past few weeks there have been some really nice marlin caught here in Kona, with two over 700 pounds tipping the scales just last week.

This week, a Blue Marlin over 650 pounds was weighed by another boat and a third boat raised a fish they swear was over 1,000 lbs, but pulled the hooks before they could get it close. There are also some decent numbers of yellowfin tuna hanging around. We watched one boat land two in the 80 pound class on a recent fishing charter. The spring and early summer are great times to book a Kona fishing charter. There is a good variety of fish to catch to catch and a lot of then are great table fare. We have a web special on 1/2 day and 3/4 day fishing charters out of Kona right now, so give us a call at (808) 936-3034 and book your fishing charter on the Humdinger. Read more

7 April 2015 Fishing Water Report

Fishing Water Report – April 7, 2015 – The typical Spring run of Striped Marlin and Ono (Wahoo) is in Full swing. The past week we saw good numbers of Striped Marlin being caught in the 60-120 lb class. Typically we see fish more in the 40-50 lb range, but the last week produced a good number of larger fish. Since these fish typically run in pairs or even small schools, we had a couple of Multiple hookups which always makes things more interesting for the crew and the anglers alike.
With the building moon, we continued to see better number of Ono showing up. Expect the time around full moon in May to be the peak of the migration for this species as they move through the waters just off the coast of Kona Hawaii. These fish are great fun to catch and one of the most prized table fare in restaurants all around Kona.
In addition to the excellent fishing for Ono and Striped Marlin this past week, we are still seeing some good catches of Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish. Also prized for their flaky, mild white filets, these fish are great fighters, magnificent jumpers and all around a lot of fun to catch. Below is a few photos we snapped of some nice fish that were caught this past week.

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Blue Marlin Fishing – March 26 Catch Report

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – march 26, 2015 – The fishing in Kona remained very good this week with the typical late Winter species, striped marlin, short billed spearfish and dorado (dolphin fish) continuing to show up in good numbers. Earlier in the week we went 3 for 4 on Shortbilled Spearfish. We saw another really nice one tailing, but never could get it to take a lure. Most of the Spearfish showing up now are on the larger size in the 30-45 pound range. While smaller than all of the other billfish species, the Shortbilled Spearfish is also the rarest of all billfish species and they show up in really good numbers in late winter and spring in the Kona. Also this week we saw a good number of Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish on fishing charters out of Kona. The Humdinger went 2 for 4 on Mahi Mahi’s this week with the fish weighing in at 10-30 pounds. Finally, on the last day of fishing charters this week, we raised a really big blue marlin while trolling lures. It came up and nosed the lured several times, turned away and started stripping off line. Before we could clear the lines and get the angler in the chair, the fish turned, ran straight for us, came up thrashing again and threw the hooks.

The weather has remained very nice and the waters off of the coast were calm all week. The week started and ended with some great bites and the fishing the last few days has remained very good. Overall, the Kona Fishing Fleet has been reporting catches of Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Shortbilled Spearfish, Yellowfin Tuna, good numbers of Mahi Mahi and Ono (Wahoo) and even a few Sailfish were reported last week, which is a bit of a rarity here in Kona. Be sure and ask about our Winter Fishing Charter Specials for ½ day and ¾ day fishing charters from Kona. Call us at (808) 936-3034 or email us through our website. Read more