Best Fishing in Kona Hawaii Report for Blue Marlin and Shotbilled Spearfish

Fishing Kona Report September 2016 – Hawaii – The Big Island – September has always been one of my favorite months to fish in Kona.  The town slows down and empties out, the hectic fishing tournament season is over but the fishing remains as good as it gets most any month of the year and this year was certainly no exception.

2016 in general has been one of the best years fishing in Kona Hawaii for Blue Marlin and Shotbilled spearfish in recent memory.  The summer months this year produced consistent action and solid fish for most charter boat operators here on the Big Island.  The last part of August and the first half of September saw some of the best fishing all year and we had multiple days back-to-back with 2, 3 and as many as 6 bites per charter.  During this time, we saw a mixed bag of Shortbilled Spearfish, Blue Marlin, Ono (Wahoo) and Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna).  Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page to see our recent catches and keep up to date with all the action on the Humdinger.

A few days after the full moon, as is typical, we started to see a bit of a slowdown that continued through the second half of the month.  However, during this time, some really good fish were caught and released by the Kona Sportfishing fleet including one that was called a solid 900 pounds by one boat.  In the past week, we have seen some strong trade winds move over the island and some really good schools of baitfish have moved in as well.  We haven’t been catching fish every day, but we’ve been picking at ‘em here and there and tagging a few small ones, and I remain encouraged that the consistent trade wind patterns we are seeing now and the arrival of baitfish are very encouraging signs for the next few weeks as we move toward the full moon again. Read more

September 2016 Fishing Catch Report

Fishing Catch Report – September 3, 2016 – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii – The last several weeks have seen a definitive uptick in the fishing here in Kona.  As of today, 2 hours into a 6 hour ¾ day charter we are 3 for 4 on Blue Marlin and 1 for 1 on Shortbilled spearfish.  Yesterday we caught a really nice tuna for a client on a ½ day charter.  Mix in a few Mahi Mahi and Ono here and there and most of our charters the past few weeks have seen really good action.

This year in general the fishing in Kona has been well above average, but in the last few weeks we have seen the best fishing I can recall in a long time.  Many of the boats in the fleet are also experiencing similar results, with multiple bites/catches/tags each day.  While there are a lot of Blue Marlin in the 150 to 250 pound class showing up right now, there are still good numbers of fish being tagged and released in the 500 to 850 pound class.  The tunas have slowed down a bit from their summer peak, but we are still catching one or two per week right now.  The action seems to be a little spottier as we head into the fall season. Read more