Things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise made up of a small chain of islands that lies approximately 2,500 miles off of the West Coast of the United States.  The largest island in this chain is named after the state of Hawaii, but the locals just refer to it as “The Big Island”.  The Big Island of Hawaii is larger in land mass than all of the other islands in the Hawaiian chain combined.  It is also the most diverse in climatology, as 13 of the 15 climate zones in the world can be found on this island alone.

The Big island of Hawaii is home to several volcanoes, including the active volcano Kilauea.  The highest point on the Big Island of Hawaii is the summit of the dormant volcano Mauna Kea which stands over 13,800 feet above sea level.  The topography and landscape of the big island spans from tropical beaches, to high mountain deserts to snow capped mountain peaks.  The Big Island of Hawaii truly offers something for everyone. Continue reading “Things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii” »

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Hawaii Fishing Tours and Activities

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Henry Chee shows how to wire up a small blue marlin while Brett Fay makes a perfect tag placement.

The Big Island of Hawaii offers visitors many fun and exciting tours and activities for the whole family.  The Big Island of Hawaii offers anglers some of the best sportfishing int he world.  The fishing is very close to shore and the water just off of the Kona coast stays calm year round.  Be sure to take advantage of some of the best marlin fishing in the world on your next trip to Kona.  You can also check out all the other fun and exciting things to do on the big island of Hawaii on our Hawaii Tours and Activities page.