January 2016 Fishing Report Online

The Fishing in Kona has been a real mixed bag lately.  A few weeks ago we had a really good run of Shortbilled Spearfish show up and had several days where we had multiple shots on charters.  Last week, the Spearfish action slowed down a bit but the Striped Marlin showed up in good numbers and we were having good action on stripeys, with one triple header that we lost at the boat on a half day charter.  Earlier this month, there were some really good Blue Marlin being caught in the 500-700 pound class.  Several boats connected on good fish, and while lately that seems to have slowed a bit, there are still a few blues being caught here and there.  Add to all of this the occasional Mahi Mahi and Tuna and the fishing in general has certainly been better than average.

The weather has really cooperated with us this winter.  We have not had any major winter storms and the water has remained relatively calm and still is above average in temperature for this time of year with the remnants of the Super El Nino hanging on.  All in all, this has been one of the best years on record for Fishing in Kona.  2015 produced a lot of big fish in Kona, a good number of Granders and overall consistent blue marlin fishing throughout the Fall and Winter months so far. Read more