Blue Marlin Putting on a Show

During a multi-day fishing charter in Kona Hawaii on a overcast January day, Lou Getman of California and Dr. Kevin Hogan of South Carolina tagged and released four blue marlin in a single day on the Humdinger with Captain Jeff Fay.  This blue marlin shows that for their size, they can put up a great fight and an exciting show.  If you are traveling to Hawaii, consider booking your Hawaii fishing charter with Captain Jeff Fay in Kona Hawaii as one of your Hawaii activities. Read more

Even Small Marlin Put on a Good Show

Lou Getman of Newport Beach CA tags and releases a small blue marlin; his third fish in as many days, on a recent Hawaii fishing charter Kona Hawaii.  The Blue marlin hit a handmade Henry Chee Straight Runner lure made by the Humdinger’s deckhand himself, Henry “Butch” Chee Jr.  The marlin put on a great show, jumping several times before being tagged and released. Read more

Kona Hawaii Produces Big Blue Marlin for First Time Big Game Anglers

John Wilson of Placerville California caught this nice blue marlin estimated at 500 lbs on his first Hawaii fishing charter in Kona Hawaii.  The marlin exploded onto the short bait and put up a spectacular fight, taking line and jumping several times during the fight.  Captain Jeff Fay navigated the Humdinger perfectly, allowing deck hand Henry “Butch” Chee to bring the big fish along side for  clean tag and release. Read more

Tagging and Releasing Blue Marlin on the Humdinger

Allison Benash of California caught nice blue marlin on a full day Hawaii fishing charter with Captain Jeff Fay and deckhand Henry “Butch” Chee Junior.  The marlin, estimated at 300lbs., put up a good fight for about a half an hour and never gave up once Butch grabbed the leader.  The big blue marlin was tagged and released unharmed. Read more

Angler Tags and Releases Her First Blue Marlin

An angler tags and releases her first blue marlin on a half day fishing charter in Kona Hawaii on board the Humdinger. Captain Jeff Fay and deck hand Henry “Butch” Chee Jr. work together as a team to bring the big blue marlin to the leader and successfully tag and release the anglers first blue marlin. Read more

The Humdinger Crew Tags and Releases a Small Blue Marlin

With Henry “Butch” Chee Jr. on the wire, and Captain Jeff Fay at the Wheel, the crew of the Humdinger tags a small blue marlin during a recent fishing charter in Kona Hawaii.  Even a small blue marlin can put up a good fight and a great show!  This little blue stayed down during the fight, but put on a good show on the wire before being tagged and released. Read more