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January 2016 Fishing Report Online

The Fishing in Kona has been a real mixed bag lately.  A few weeks ago we had a really good run of Shortbilled Spearfish show up and had several days where we had multiple shots on charters.  Last week, the Spearfish action slowed down a bit but the Striped Marlin showed up in good numbers […]

October 2015 Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii Report

Kona Fishing Report – October 21, 2015 – The Big Island of Hawaii – The Super El Nino of 2015 still seems to be lingering, keeping water temperatures unseasonably warm, and the warm waters continue to hold good numbers of Blue Marlin just off of the Kona Coast.  While most of the tourists have headed […]

September 2015 Hunting Fishing Report

Big Island Fishing Report Kona Hawaii – September 3, 2015 – The fishing has been hit or miss lately due to a series of tropical storms passing on either side of the Big Island of Hawaii over the past few weeks. The storms have disrupted our normal pattern of trade winds and currents, making the […]

August 2015 Fishing Trips in Hawaii Report

The fishing the first week of August started off a little slower than the red hot pace we had been experiencing since April here in Kona.  Having said that, overall it has been a really great year here in Kona with very good numbers of fish being caught, lots of trips with multiple catches and […]

July 2015 Online Fishing Report

This past week, the fishing in Kona has been a bit spottier than the past few weeks due to changing currents and trade winds.  There are still very good numbers of Blue Marlin holding in the area along with equally good numbers of YellowFin Tuna (Ahi) typically found this time of year.  We have been […]

Things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is a tropical paradise made up of a small chain of islands that lies approximately 2,500 miles off of the West Coast of the United States.  The largest island in this chain is named after the state of Hawaii, but the locals just refer to it as “The Big Island”.  The Big Island of […]

July 2015 Fishing Saltwater Report

The Big Island of Hawaii – The fishing in Kona has remained very good over the past.  This being an El Nino year, the water temperatures have remained warm, holding good numbers of Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Shortbilled Spearfish just off the cost of the Big Island.  Expect these El Nino conditions to extend […]

July 2015 Fishing Saltwater Catch Report

Kona Fishing Saltwater Catch Report – July 6th, 2015 – The Big Island of Hawaii — We are at the peak of the prime time summer fishing season here in Kona Hawaii. Last month was way above average for Blue Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna with good numbers fish taken during June and a fairly decent […]

June 2015 Fishing Blue Marlin Report

June 27, 2015 The Fishing in Kona remained really good this past week, and as we head into next week with the Full Moon on Thursday and a good tide schedule all week, expect the consistent action we have seen the past month to remain the same or even get better.  It’s prime time in […]