The Big Island of Hawaii – April 30, 2016

The Big Island of Hawaii – April 30, 2016 – The fishing in Kona has been fairly consistent this Spring for Spearfish and Striped Marlin.  We have had a few fronts that moved through the islands and slowed things down for a few days, but once those cleared out and the trade winds returned, the fishing turned back on in a day or two.  During March and April, there have been really good numbers of Shortbilled Spearfish being caught.  Most boats are getting multiple shots and catching or tagging multiple fish per charter.  Friday April 29th, we got a surprise when Captain Keith Colburn from the hit TV Show “The Deadliest Catch” showed up for a charter.  We were able to connect on a nice spearfish for Keith and his daughter and missed another Striped Marlin as well.  In addition to the great Spearfish action, there have been a lot of Striped Marlin being caught the past month as well.

The Blue Marlin action has been better than decent with a number of really big fish being caught, tagged or lost.  One boat called a fish 900+ and tagged it earlier in the month and another lost a fish they got a great picture of that they called 1,300.  We’ll never know, but it was a giant for sure.  Kona has yet to give up a grander this year, and that is off track from previous history.  It could happen any day now. Read more

April 2016 Deep sea fishing big island report

Kona‬ ‪Fishing Deep Sea‬ ‪Report‬ ‪April‬ 12, 2016 – The Big Island, Hawaii – The fishing has picked up after a bit of a slowdown last week. On Tuesday, we Tagged & Released a nice Blue Marlin that went about 450-500 pounds. We also caught a nice Mahi Mahi, but lost it at the leader. Lately, there have been some other nice Blue Marlin caught. Also yesterday, another boat Tagged and Released a VERY nice Blue Marlin they estimated to be 900 pounds. There are still some Shotbilled Spearfish hanging around and a few Striped Marlin being caught. The water was a little bumpy last week, but things seem to be calming down. We are back on the building side of the moon now with the full moon next week, so the conditions are shaping for a good week of fishing ahead. Be sure and book your Summer Fishing Charters in Kona soon.

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Hope to see you in Kona soon. Aloha! Read more