September 2015 Hunting Fishing Report

Big Island Fishing Report Kona Hawaii – September 3, 2015 – The fishing has been hit or miss lately due to a series of tropical storms passing on either side of the Big Island of Hawaii over the past few weeks. The storms have disrupted our normal pattern of trade winds and currents, making the fishing spotty and unpredictable. Despite the less than ideal conditions, when the fishing turns on, it turns red hot. Late in August, Kona gave up two more giants. A monster 1,305 pound Blue Marlin (picture below) was caught on a charter by another boat fishing in the area, and a few days earlier, another boat caught a 1,075.8 pound Blue Marlin. I’ve lost track of whether that makes five or six Granders this year in Kona, but regardless, it is evidence why no matter what time of year and no matter what the conditions, Kona Hawaii ranks #1 as the best location in the world to catch giant Blue Marlin.

The last week of August, we went 2/4 on Blue Marlin and in addition to the great marling fishing this time of year; we are seeing good numbers of Tuna showing up along with the occasional Ono, Striped Marlin and Shortbilled Spearfish. Once the currents calm down and the trade winds get back to their normal pattern, expect the fishing to heat up again and get a bit more consistent. Read more