15 April 2015 Fishing Kona Report

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report – April 15, 2015 – The fishing in Kona remains relatively good, with some days better than others depending on the tides and current. This past week we went 3 for 4 on Blue Marlin, 4 for 5 on Striped Marlin, 1 for 4 on Shortbilled spearfish, 1 for 2 on Ono (Wahoo)and we caught one Nice Mahi Mahi (Dorado). The Blue Marlin we tagged and released were estimated at 125 lbs., 150 lbs., and 275 lbs. The past few weeks there have been some really nice marlin caught here in Kona, with two over 700 pounds tipping the scales just last week.

This week, a Blue Marlin over 650 pounds was weighed by another boat and a third boat raised a fish they swear was over 1,000 lbs, but pulled the hooks before they could get it close. There are also some decent numbers of yellowfin tuna hanging around. We watched one boat land two in the 80 pound class on a recent fishing charter. The spring and early summer are great times to book a Kona fishing charter. There is a good variety of fish to catch to catch and a lot of then are great table fare. We have a web special on 1/2 day and 3/4 day fishing charters out of Kona right now, so give us a call at (808) 936-3034 and book your fishing charter on the Humdinger. Read more

7 April 2015 Fishing Water Report

Fishing Water Report – April 7, 2015 – The typical Spring run of Striped Marlin and Ono (Wahoo) is in Full swing. The past week we saw good numbers of Striped Marlin being caught in the 60-120 lb class. Typically we see fish more in the 40-50 lb range, but the last week produced a good number of larger fish. Since these fish typically run in pairs or even small schools, we had a couple of Multiple hookups which always makes things more interesting for the crew and the anglers alike.
With the building moon, we continued to see better number of Ono showing up. Expect the time around full moon in May to be the peak of the migration for this species as they move through the waters just off the coast of Kona Hawaii. These fish are great fun to catch and one of the most prized table fare in restaurants all around Kona.
In addition to the excellent fishing for Ono and Striped Marlin this past week, we are still seeing some good catches of Mahi Mahi or Dolphin fish. Also prized for their flaky, mild white filets, these fish are great fighters, magnificent jumpers and all around a lot of fun to catch. Below is a few photos we snapped of some nice fish that were caught this past week.

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