Kona Fishing Report for July 2011

Hawaii Fishing Report for Kona July 2011 – July is one of the best months in Kona Hawaii to catch Blue Marlin and the Kona Charter Boat fleet proved that once again this month.  According to The Charter Desk, during the month of July, anglers caught 337 Blue Marlin in Kona ( 242 tag and release and 95 weighed in).  The three largest blue marlin caught in Kona during July weighed 868 lbs, 815 lbs and 733 lbs.  Three fish estimated at over 800 lbs were tagged and released by anglers.  In addition to the great blue marlin fishing here in Kona in July, 84 Ahi ( yellowfin ) Tuna were caught this month.  The three largest fish weighed in at 229 lbs, 207 lbs and 207 lbs.  Kona Charter Boats also reported 2 Black Marlin, 4 sailfish, 19 short billed spearfish and one striped marlin. Read more

Kona Hawaii Fishing Report for June 2011

Kona Fishing Report for June 2011 – The fishing remained red hot in Kona during the month of June as the peak summer sportfishing season got into full swing.  During the month of June, the Kona charter boat fleet saw great action for anglers fishing off the Kona Coast with strong numbers of Ahi (yellowfin) Tuna, Blue Marlin and Shortbilled Spearfish being reported.

According to the Charter Desk, for the month of June the Kona Charter boat fleet reported a total of 100 Blue marlin, with 62 marlin tagged and released and 48 blue marlin weighed in.  The largest three blue marlin for the month of June weighed in at 922.5 lbs, 809.5 lbs, and 745 lbs.  Of the 62 blue marlin tagged and released by charter boats in Kona during June, five blue marlin were estimated at over 500 lbs.  In addition to the great blue marlin fishing this month, 53 Ahi (yellowfin) tuna were weighed in by anglers with the top three fish weighing 206 lbs, 190.5 lbs and 173 lbs.  The Kona charter boat fleet also reported 59 shortbilled spearfish, 4 striped marlin, 1 bigeye tuna and 1 swordfish. Read more