Fishing Video – Blue Marlin on the Wire

Deckhand Brett Fay wires while Captain Henry “Butch” Chee Jr. tags a small blue marlin on the Humdinger.  This fish was one of two caught on a full day sportfishing charter off of Kona Hawaii during June of 2011.  Marlin Fishing during the month of June has been very good with numerous fish reported in the 700-900 lb class.

Call Captain Jeff Fay at (808) 325-3449 or (808) 936-3034 cell to book your Hawaii fishing charter in Kona.  Ask about our multi-day charter discounts and our “Double or Nothing” fishing charter special. Continue reading “Fishing Video – Blue Marlin on the Wire” »

Mahi Mahi are a Bonus and Make Great Table Fare

Dr. Brad Hook of Kailua Hawaii catches a “Bonus” Mahi Mahi on his Kona fishing charter.  Dr. Hook also  caught a nice Blue Marlin that broke off on the leader in addition to his Mahi Mahi during a half day fishing charter on the Humdinger in Kona Hawaii.  Mahi Mahi are a lot fun to catch and great to eat.  The fish is a highly sustainable species growing very quickly which is why they are so often featured on restaurant menus. Continue reading “Mahi Mahi are a Bonus and Make Great Table Fare” »

Big Marlin Pulls Off At The Boat

Dr. Brad Hook of Kailua Hawaii catches his first blue marlin on the Humdinger during his fishing charter in Kona.  The big fish took alive bait slow trolled off the “Grounds”, a favored spot for Kona charter boats to patrol looking for big blue marlin.  Fishing in Kona is very close to the shore and the waters are normally very calm, making Kona Hawaii an excellent choice for your next deep sea fishing charter in Hawaii.  The fishing is excellent year round in Kona, and the charter boat fleet is extensive with many excellent boats to choose from.  Marlin Magazine consistently ranks Kona Hawaii a top billfishing destination world wide.  Peak season for Blue Marlin in Kona Hawaii runs from June through September, but blue marlin can be caught any day of the year here in Kona. Continue reading “Big Marlin Pulls Off At The Boat” »

Bananas are a Curse on Most Boats… But not the Hundinger!

For most mariners and captains alike, bananas, or for the ultra superstitious, Banana products of any kind (Banana Boat Sunscreen, Banana muffins, you get the point) are just plain bad MoJo!!!   But not for the captain and crew of the Humdinger!  Hell, the boat is even painted Banana yellow.  In this video, deckahnd Henry “Butch” Chee Jr. demonstrates his super-secret, highly effective technique for chumming up big Blue Marlin with Bananas.  You better hang on when Henry starts peeling a Banana. We ain’t scared of no stinkin’ Bananas! Continue reading “Bananas are a Curse on Most Boats… But not the Hundinger!” »

Blue Marlin on the Wire

Even small blue marlin put up a good fight on heavy tackle.  In this Kona Hawaii fishing video taken on the Humdinger, the marlin fights hard and stays down until Henry “Butch” Chee Jr. grabs the wire to bring the fish in for clean tag and release.  The marlin lights up and starts jumping on the wire while Captain Jeff Fay maneuvers the Humdinger so Butch can bring the fish in close for a clean tag. Continue reading “Blue Marlin on the Wire” »

Big Blue Marlin Make Long Runs and Big Jumps

John Wilson of Placerville tags and releases a 500+ lb blue marlin during a recent Hawaii fishing charter with Captain Jeff Fay on board the Kona charter boat, the Humdinger.  This big fish hit the short bait right behind the boat and then turned and ran fast and hard.  Captain Jeff Fay maneuvered on the fish and recovered the lost line, showing why he is one of the best in the business.  Of all the Hawaii activities to consider during your next Hawaiian vacation, don’t overlook a day of sportfishing with the crew of the Humdinger in Kona Hawaii. Continue reading “Big Blue Marlin Make Long Runs and Big Jumps” »

Multiple Blue Marlin Catches in Kona Not Uncommon

Dr. Kevin Hogan of South Carolina catches his third Blue Marlin of the day on the Humdinger.  The Hawaii fishing peaks from June through September, but Kona is consistently rated one of the top destinations in the world to catch a Blue Marlin any day of the year.  Be sure to visit our fishing reports page for the up to the minute catch information provided by The Charter Desk. Continue reading “Multiple Blue Marlin Catches in Kona Not Uncommon” »