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Groupon Offer




Aloha and Mahalo for your interest in our Groupon Offer!

We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to make sure you get the straight scoop on the deal and can prepare for your upcoming fishing charter with us.  Above all, we want this to be a fun and memorable experience for you and your friends.  If we didn’t answer all your questions on this page, we’re just a phone call or email away!

This part is important.  When you call or email, please provide us the following information:

1) Your first and last name

2) Your Phone number (WITH THE AREA CODE)

3) Your email address (please spell it if it is not obvious when leaving a voice mail message)

4) Your Groupon Certificate Number (if you have already purchased your Groupon)

5) Your preferred date and time for your charter (Morning or Afternoon)

6) Let us know if you are interested in upgrading to a full day charter at the time of booking. (We’ve got a special deal for you!)

Here is how to get a hold of us:

Email: Just CLICK HERE to send us an email through our website form.

By Phone: We are in the Hawaii Standard Time Zone and several hours behind those of you on the mainland, so please keep that in mind when you are calling because we need our beauty sleep too! 

(Pacific Time -3 hours,       Mountain Time -4 hours,       Central time -5 hours,       Eastern Time -6 hours)

Office: (808) 325-3449

Toll Free: (800) 926-2374

Cell/Boat Phone: (808) 936-3034


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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been big game fishing before.  What should I expect?

Check out all the action on our Videos Page and see what some of our other customers got to experience.

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Your offer is listed under Honolulu, but where exactly is is your business located in Hawaii?

We are located on the Island of Hawaii (also called the Big Island) in the town of Kona.  We do not operate out of Honolulu or on the Island of Oahu. Our boat is moored in the Honokohau Harbor on Kealakehe Parkway just off of the Queen Kaahumanu Hwy (also called Hwy 19).


When you turn onto Kealakehe Parkway (the entrance to the harbor) off the Hwy 19, be sure and take the first right and follow the road as it curves between the two boat yards.  Park near the public restroom building between the two boat launches and look for the HUMDINGER sign and Yellow Boat.  The closest airport to the harbor is the Kona International Airport at Keahole (KOA) located approximately 2 miles from the harbor.

Charter Boat Humdinger in Kona Hawaii

Do I need to call and make a reservation first?

YES!  Please call and/or email us as far in advance of your preferred dates as possible so that we can ensure you have the best chance of securing your preferred date and time for your charter.  Please provide us with your name, best telephone number to contact you, your email address and the date(s) and time(s) (am or pm) you want us to confirm for you.  YOUR CHARTER IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL YOU HEAR BACK FROM US, so please don’t just show up at the boat unannounced because the other folks fishing that day may not want to share.

What days of the week may I redeem my Groupon?

Your Groupon voucher may be redeemed any day of the week.  The Groupon is not valid for and may not be redeemed on any day of a scheduled fishing tournament in Kona Hawaii.  For a complete list of Scheduled fishing tournaments in Kona, please visit our FISHING TOURNAMENTS PAGE by CLICKING HERE.  If you just can’t work it out to redeem your Groupon on one of those days, please give us a call.  We are happy to work with you on a space available basis in order to accommodate your preferred dates.

What if something comes up and I have to cancel my charter?

We get it!  Stuff just happens sometimes and in spite of all the best intentions, the next thing you know you have to go to your second cousins violin recital instead of spending a day on the water fishing.  What are you going to do??

As long as you call us 72 hours before your charter, it’s all good.  We will be happy to rebook your charter for a later date (within the expiration period)  no questions asked.  If for some reason you have to cancel within 72 hours of your charter, as long as we can book someone else for that time, it’s still all good, really, we’ll just rebook you at a later time, again within the expiration period.  But if you have to cancel within 72 hours of your charter and we are NOT able to rebook your charter for someone else at the time you had previously booked, then your Groupon is only valid for the face value of your purchase price ($385) which we will happily apply toward our normal prices in place when you finally clear your busy calendar and want to rebook your charter.

What happens if the weather gets bad and we can’t fish?

This is Kona Hawaii folks.  It’s pretty much sunny and 82 degrees here all of the time .  In 40 years of doing this, I can count on one hand how many days I have had to cancel because the weather got too bad to fish.  (Hurricane Iniki 9-11-1992 immediately comes to mind.  Yeh…9-11…really…just Google it).

Barring a natural disaster, act of God or heaven forbid another Tsunami, we’ll go fishing!  If the weather just gets too bad and makes it unsafe for us to go out, we will happily rebook your charter and honor your voucher…no penalties…no questions asked…even if your voucher has expired.

What’s the scoop on tipping?

Our hard-working crew make their living everyday making sure our clients have a great time on their charter.  Please don’t let their efforts go unnoticed.  If you feel they did a good job for you to make your day both fun and productive (whether you caught something or not) please show them some love with a generous tip.  15% to 20% is usual and customary (unless you’re sitting on a pile of pre-IPO Groupon stock or you just hit the lottery!)  The retail value of your half-day charter is $785.00.  Our crew will certainly appreciate your generosity.

I bought the half-day charter on Groupon, but would like to fish for a full day.  Can I upgrade at the time I book to a full-day charter or a multiple-day charter package??

You Bet, and  for our favorite Groupon clients we’ve got a great deal for you!  Just be sure to tell us that you want to upgrade your half-day charter when you call to book.  You can upgrade by the hour at the rate of $100/hr for a maximum of four additional hours.  You will need to book your half day charter for a 7am departure and we will extend the morning charter the number of additional hours you would like to fish.  When you call to book we’ll confirm the additional hours and charge your credit card for the balance paid at the time of booking.  We even have special deals on multiple day charters too!  Call for all the details!  It’s such a good deal we don’t want the General Public to know about it (so keep it on the low down!), and if you upgrade to at least a full-day charter at the time of booking, we’ll even throw in some Humdinger gear for you to take home!

The deal says I can buy multiple Groupons as gifts?  How many can I buy as gifts?

You may purchase an unlimited number of Groupons to give as gifts.  And since you can take up to 5 of your friends on your fishing charter (for a total of 6 passengers), why not share the love with at least 5 of your friends; then, forward the offer to them and hope they return the favor!  And if you get a Groupon as a stocking stuffer but just aren’t into the fishing thing, don’t worry, a Groupon fishing charter certificate re-gifts nicely too!

How long is a half-day charter and at what times do you depart and return?

The half-day charter is 4 hours long.  We offer two times each day for the half-day charter; morning and afternoon.  The morning charter will depart our slip promptly at 7 am and return at 11am.  The afternoon charter will depart our slip at approximately 11:30 am and return 4 hours later, around 3:30 pm.  We want to make sure you get the maximum value from your Groupon, so please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled charter to ensure we can depart on time.  If you are fishing the afternoon charter and we are not back at the slip by 11:30, don’t panic, it means we are probably hooked up.  Feel free to call us on the Boat Phone (808) 936-3034 and we’ll give you an ETA.  If we get started a little later, we’ll make sure you get your full 4 hours of fishing in.  No worries.

If I only have four hours to fish, how far out do we have to go and how long does it take to get there?

Great Question!  The good news is that you will be in sight of land all day long.  As a matter of fact, we fish just a few minutes from where you step on the boat, so we’re not going to waste a bunch of time running out and back to where we fish.  95% of the time will spent with lines in the water.

How many people can go on the charter?

Your Groupon is good for up to six passengers of any age. Sorry, no exceptions, this is a U.S. Coast thing so we can’t budge here.  We do suggest that children be at least 6-7 years of age.  You can also provide your own personal flotation device(s) for your younger child(ren) if you choose to do so, but rest assured we also have plenty on board for everyone.

I’m totally clueless about this fishing thing.  What do I need to bring?

We provide pretty much everything you need to catch fish…rods, reels, line, lures, bait tackle, ice, the works!  You should however bring your own sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a coverup or long sleeve shirt, a towel, a camera or video camera and some “Boat Friendly” shoes (soft soles, light-colored soles or flip-flops.  No hard soles or black soled sneakers please).  If you think you may want to take home some fish to eat if we happen to catch a Mahimahi, Ono or Tuna, please bring your own ice chest/cooler. We have plenty of ice and storage on board, so feel free to bring any food, drinks or adult beverages you want to enjoy during your charter.

I don’t want to kill my catch.  What about tagging and releasing my Marlin?

We run a conservation minded sportfishing operation and support the practice of tagging and releasing all Billfish (Marlin).  After all, if we took everything we caught, we just be putting our self out of business.  We prefer to tag and release any Marlin in good shape we feel will survive after release, however, you make the final call whether or not we bring your fish back to the dock for photos.  If you decide you want to have your catch mounted by a professional taxidermist, you don’t have to kill your fish in order to have a mount made.  We can recommend a quality taxidermist that can create an incredibly life-like replica from a few measurements we take of the fish right along side the boat.  If you tag your Marlin, we will also submit your catch to the Billfish Foundation and in a few weeks you will get a nice certificate (suitable for framing) in the mail.  Just be sure let us know your intentions at the start of your charter if possible so we can plan accordingly.

Hawaii Fishing marlin tag and release

If I catch something to eat, do I have to clean it by myself?

If you catch Mahimahi, Ono or small Tuna, we will be happy to filet it and put it in your cooler to take home with you.  If you catch a large Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) we recommend you leave it at the ice house at the dock to cool overnight and then have the processor professionally cut the fish for you.  You can usually pick it up the next afternoon.  If you catch a Blue Marlin that we can’t,or you don’t want to tag and release, and you don’t want the fish, we possess a license that allows us to sell your fish to the local processor so it won’t go to waste.  You can be assured that the captain and crew will appreciate it.  Finally, if you catch something to eat and don’t want to take it home or can’t take it home with you, we will make sure it doesn’t go to waste.  Hey, we like fish too!


Do I need a fishing license to fish on the boat?

No.  There is no fishing license required for passengers chartering fishing vessels out of Kona Hawaii.  We have all the necessary licenses required by law. It will almost feel like you’re getting away with something!

I’m not sure I can hold it four hours.  Do you have a bathroom on the boat?

You’re in luck!  We have a nice clean bathroom on the boat with a real flush toilet.  We’ll even throw in the paper for free!

Just thinking about getting seasick is almost making me seasick.  Should I be concerned?

No Worries mate!  The great thing about Kona is that we fish very close to shore and the waters just off the coast where we fish are protected and VERY calm, so it’s usually not a problem for most people.  If you think you might have an issue, just take some Dramamine or Bonine (non-drowsy version) about 30 minutes before we leave.  You can also consult your doctor for a prescription for the Transderm Scopalamine Patch if you have a history of motion sickness.   If all else fails, we can have you back on solid ground in 10-15 minutes, but we can’t refund your Groupon if you ask us to come in early because you’re seasick.  P.S.  The best cure for seasickness is catching a giant blue marlin.  It works every time!

How long have you been doing this?  Do you have any references?

Not to toot our own horn here, but we’ve been running fishing charters in Kona Hawaii for over 40 years, so this ain’t our first rodeo.  In addition to being the only charter boat in Hawaii to hold the prestigious distinction of winning the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament four times, our captain, Jeff Fay, has assisted his clients in setting over a dozen International Game Fish Association world records.  He’s pretty much a legend around these parts and you can read more about his accomplishments and his career by CLICKING HERE to read an article written about him in Marlin Magazine.  We are also a member of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau and you can check out our business listings and reviews on YELP and TRIP ADVISOR by clicking on the links below.

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